Título: *"Performance analysis of pair-to-pair networks "*

Se les invita muy cordialmente a la siguiente charla:

Título: *"Performance analysis of pair-to-pair networks "*

Cuándo: *Jueves 11 de julio de 2013, 3 pm*

Dónde: *Aula 301 ECCI*

Expositor: *Dr. Gerardo Rubino, INRIA, Francia*

*La charla será impartida en Español*


Together with other colleagues at Mexico, we explore the performance of pair-to-pair  networks, for instance of the BitTorrent type. In particular, we have analyzed some  architectural issues in the case of networks for distributing video content. The main  performance metrics to be taken into account are the population of users that are  downloading, the population of those having already the whole required content but that remain connected, the downloading time, the probability of success, etc. The tools used are low-level simulation, simulation of Markov models, and the analysis of systems of differential equations. In the analysis process, we have also proposed some ideas for improving the system's performance, and studied those ideas with the previously mentioned tools. The presentation will give an overview of some of our obtained results in the area.

Sobre el expositor:

Gerardo Rubino is a senior researcher at INRIA (the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) where he is the leader of the DIONYSOS group, working on the analysis and design of networking technologies. He is Board Member of the Media & Networks Cluster, Brittany, France, and INRIA’s representative at the SISCom Brittany Research Cluster. Among past responsibilities, he has been Scientific Delegate for the Rennes unit of INRIA for 5 years, responsible of research in networking at the Telecom Bretagne engineering school for 5 years, Associate Editor of the Operations Research international journal “Naval Research Logistics” for 9 years, former member of the Steering Board of the European Network of Excellence EuroFGI and responsible of the relationships between the network and European industry. He has also been the head of the International Partnership Office at INRIA Rennes for 5 years. He is a member of the IFIP WG 7.3. He belongs to the Steering Committee of QEST (www.qest.org). He is interested in quantitative analysis of complex systems using probabilistic models. He presently works on performance and dependability analysis, and on perceptual quality assessment of audio and video applications and services. In particular, he is the author of the PSQA technology for automatic perceptual quality real-time evaluation (Pseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment). He also works on rare event analysis, he is a member of the Steering Committee of RESIM, the only workshop dedicated to the topic, and co-author of the book entitled “Rare Event Simulation Using Monte Carlo Methods” (Wiley, 2009). He is the author of about 200 scientific works in applied mathematics and computer science.


--  Dra. Gabriela Barrantes Profesora, Escuela de Ciencias de la Computación e Informática Universidad de Costa Rica